Mission Statement

I breed Boxers because I love them and want to share these beautiful, spirited, fun loving, animals with others. Boondocks Boxers is NOT a puppy mill. Our dogs live with and are members of our family. I take great pride in providing well bred and healthy puppies that will be cherished members of your family.

When I started breeding boxers, I did my best to search out respectable breeders to get good healthy lines started. My first "healthy" female, Mercedes, was bought from a "reputable" show breeder in Texas.She had an incredible pedigree and was absolutely gorgeous. But,Mercedes had severe colitis and a deadly heart condition. She stayed with us and we did all possible to keep her comfortable until she died less than one year later.

My next 3 "healthy" females were purchased from a "reputable" breeder in Oklahoma. At their vet check, 2 were found to have heart worms, and one had severe hip dysplasia. She was given away as a pet to a nice family. The other died less than a year later, and the one that was actually healthy is now spayed and still lives with us.

After these terrible experiences, and the valuable lessons learned, I vowed be different. I am proud to be an honorable and honest breeder. I work hard to ensure the physical and genetic health of each and every one of my dogs. I breed for sound and healthy animals. I strive to breed puppies that are genetically sound, well socialized, and physically healthy. I will NEVER knowingly sell an inferior or ill puppy.

But dogs are living creatures and things do happen that are beyond the control of we humans despite all our efforts. If you purchase a puppy that, despite good care and required veterinary care and exams, becomes ill or is found to have a congenital problem contact me immediately! I will work with you to find a mutually positive solution.

I will gladly provide references on request.

Lisa Gammill, Boondocks Boxers