What's the difference between American Boxers and European Boxers?

There are many interpretations of the boxer breed standard.  In Germany, where the breed originated, breeders have striven for a dog bred to do its job as a working dog and for temperament. The United States standard has been more focused on conformation. The result is two very different versions of the Boxer.

European Boxers tend to have more robust appearance, larger bone structure, deeper chest, more slanted topline, and larger head, and a stouter shorter muzzle than the American Boxer. They typically weigh more at maturity and have a greater muscle mass than American Boxers. The European Boxer is also a calmer and more focused dog. Many agree for this reason the Euro Boxer is easier to train.

The American Boxer has a more balanced elegant look, finer bone structure, smaller chest and more solid hind quarters than the European Boxer. This dog's muzzle is longer and less substantial than the Euro Boxer.  The American boxer has a less slanted topline.  Many American Boxers have a lower mature weight and appear less muscular than European Boxers. The  American Boxer possesses an equal intelligence but is not as focused or driven and tend to be a little more easily distracted than their European counterparts.