Can Hybrid Vehicles be repaired by any auto repair shop

Can Hybrid Vehicles be repaired by any auto repair shop

Once upon a time, hybrid vehicles were novelties for the rich people. Even though the concept and design sparked up a conversation from time to time, in reality, there wasn't much interest, if any, from the general public. However, that has changed drastically, over the years. The number of hybrid cars has increased substantially, mainly due to the federal fuel economy goals, established by the federal government. Another reason is the low amount of emissions that hybrid vehicles produce. Hybrid cars are still fairly expensive in spite of the new appeal and often cost more in comparison to the standard gasoline cars. The question will arise about hybrid auto repair and maintenance. Can an ordinary auto repair shop provide the necessary repairs?

How to choose an auto repair shop?

One obstacle is the lack of relevant mechanic's certification. The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) are working servicing and repair training, but repair service for hybrid vehicles is still in development. Unfortunately, diagnostic equipment for hybrid vehicles is scarce and apparently, Automotive Research & Design (AR&D) is the only organization that provides the necessary training. Therefore, you should look for an auto repair shop that possesses a certificate from AR&D.

Is any auto repair shop OK for standard maintenance and repair work?

Fortunately, there are many services that can be performed on a hybrid vehicle by any auto repair shop. In a hybrid car, the oil and the filters can be a DIY job or you can let your local auto service center do it for you. Whether it's a hybrid car or a standard automobile, the process is the same. Brakes are extremely important for any type of car. Hybrid vehicle's rear brake shoes or the brake disc pads follow the same steps of replacement as ordinary cars. It's the same thing with tires, regardless of the car model they are mounted on. The same road rules have to be applied to hybrid tires. The tire pressure has to be correct and periodic tire rotation has to be applied as with any model of vehicle. Hybrid vehicles have a Power Control Unit and whenever the levels become low, the coolant needs to be replenished. Other fluids like transmission and power steering fluid are the same as ordinary cars. In conclusion, all of the aforementioned maintenance work can be performed on your hybrid vehicle by any reputable auto repair center.

Why you should go to a dealership

Although pretty much any auto repair shop can help you with the service and repair of your hybrid vehicle, there are still areas which need to be looked after by your local dealership. The hybrid battery is a sophisticated piece of equipment. These batteries have between 36 and 330 volts and it’s undoubtedly a safety hazard if you try to replace them. The electric motors’ repairs can put you in danger because of the electricity. The motor controller in a hybrid is as complex as the transmission system in an ordinary automobile and should be looked after by a seasoned professional. The hybrid vehicle depends heavily on computer systems. Even a minor change in voltage can affect the computer control. That’s why you need to visit a reputable dealership in order to have the necessary hybrid automotive repair services performed accurately and in a timely manner.

The hybrid battery’s sensitivity is reasons enough to get a warranty on it. This means that only a certified auto technician can work on the battery, but the expenses of repairing and replacing would be at an acceptable level. Those auto repair shops that have the required certifications that allow them to work on hybrid cars need to provide specific services and you should ask about that. It should include hybrid battery conditioning and testing, battery cable repair and replacement, high-voltage battery conditioning, and comprehensive diagnostics. You have to know the type of your hybrid battery and make an inquiry to the auto repair center and ask whether they service that particular model or not.

Cleaner environment with hybrid cars

As an owner of a hybrid vehicle, you already know that at the moment, the servicing of your car is not as convenient as that of an ordinary vehicle. However, you should not forget the benefits of the hybrid vehicle in the long run. It has a superior level of fuel efficiency and the fuel cost will go down drastically. In addition, you should bear in mind the fact that these vehicles are environmentally-friendly. When hybrid vehicles are on the road, the carbon emissions are drastically reduced. The fact of the matter is that by owning one of these automobiles, you are committed to a cleaner environment that has less carbon footprint left behind.


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