Top Signs of Muffler Failure

Top Signs of Muffler Failure

Making repairs to the exhaust system of your vehicle can sometimes prove to be rather costly depending on its make, model, and overall condition. With that being said, putting needed repair work off is not the most sensible thing to do because it could result in even bigger expenses for you. This is especially true when it comes to muffler issues. Any muffler-related problem has to be handled as soon as possible if you wish to avoid hefty repair bills.

There are a few telltale signs that indicate a bad or failing muffler:

Listen Carefully – The noise is the biggest and most obvious sign of a bad muffler. When your muffler fails, the car will become much louder than before. Make sure you listen carefully for any odd or sudden rattling noise, which is a sign of a loose or broken muffler.

Inspect It – If you are seriously concerned about your muffler, you can visually inspect it with the help of a car jack. You will probably spot one or more major issues. Look out for holes or signs of rust, both of which can be very serious concerns.

Look for Water – While performing the visual inspection of your muffler, check if there are signs of water, dripping from it. It’s normal to have a bit of condensation, however, if there are leaks from different places on the muffler, this means trouble.

Temperature Check – Start your vehicle and let it run for a couple of minutes. Then check its temperature to see if it’s uncommonly high. In some cases, a failing muffler could cause the vehicle to overheat, which is a serious problem, that requires immediate attention.

Typically, most auto dealerships won’t include muffler replacement in their routine maintenance programs. Make sure you use the aforementioned tips to look for signs that indicate a bad or failing muffler. Last but not least, have your muffler inspected by an auto repair professional from time to time.


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