Maintenance of Ford Vehicles in the Fall

Maintenance of Ford Vehicles in the Fall

Now that fall is here, we should discuss what you can do to keep your Ford in top-notch condition throughout the season.

1. Battery maintenance – this is highly important due to the fact that it is up to your Ford’s battery to start the vehicle. You need to ensure it is still up to the task, no matter what weather the fall would bring.

2. Check both the defroster and the heater of the car.

3. Oil change is very important, as you probably know. It should be done when the time comes, as a mechanic had advised you, or as you have read in your owner’s manual. We are including it in this list because the appropriate time to have it done is now, having in mind that after the fall winter comes.

4. Like most things, windshield wiper blades have an expiration date, too. The way to determine if you need to change them is to check if they are still able to do their job or not. You can also take a closer look at them and determine their condition by how they look.

5. The following is a list of the exterior lights that you might want to check on: brake lights, headlights, fog lights, tail lights, turn signals, brights.

Take care of your Ford and yourself, and have a magical fall! If you need an auto repair mechanic for your Ford, do some research before you choose.


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