The Benefits of Having a Shuttle Service

The Benefits of Having a Shuttle Service

Great customer service has always been pivotal to the overall success of an auto repair shop. Customers who experience outstanding customer service will return and even refer you to their family, friends, or colleagues. Therefore, most auto repair shops offer a shuttle service as a complimentary service. When vehicles are in for repairs, the shop provides customers with a courtesy shuttle so that they can enjoy the rest of their day instead of just waiting for the completion of the repair work.

Here are a couple of reasons why it’s beneficial to provide customers with shuttle service:

Customer Satisfaction – having a vehicle ready for a pick-up or drop-off is a clear indication that the repair shop appreciates the time and activities of their customers. Therefore, when customers request a shuttle, assure them that they’ll have a ride.

Customer Retention – by providing a way for customers to go on with their day while their vehicle is being serviced, is a gesture which they won’t forget. If you back that up with excellent service and winning attitude, customers will keep coming back.

Convenience – having a spare vehicle ready to drive people around also shows the commitment of the shop to perform its job for its customers, as well as for internal needs. Some auto repair shops use their shuttle for parts pick-up.

If you want to keep your customers for as long as possible, you must honor commitments and do your job above and beyond expectations. Prove to customers that a shuttle service is a benefit they can enjoy, but also remember to make sure that the service is reliable, consistent, and timely. So when you inform customers that the shuttle will be ready in 20mins, make sure that it is available at the given time.


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