Audi Maintenance for the Fall

 Audi Maintenance for the Fall

It’s time to get your amazing Audi vehicle ready for the upcoming fall season - better do it on time than wait for the last possible minute, after all. So, without delay, let us get into what exactly you can do, or, of course, have an auto mechanic do for you.

1. Check the condition of the oil, and if it is time for a change - absolutely do not skip or put that off. It is very important for the engine of your Audi. It is a good idea to make note of the last time you changed the oil and didn’t just top it off. Consult a mechanic or your owner’s manual if needed.

2. Check if your Check Engine Light is on - if it is, don’t simply ignore it – take the car to an auto repair shop, where a professional technician will be able to determine the cause and deal with it. If you do not, you might regret it dearly down the road.

3. Since cold weather can affect the car battery of your Audi, you should have it inspected and changed, if it has run its course.

4. Tires! Tires are obviously also very important, inspect them carefully. The tire pressure, any wear and tear, everything that has to do with them is important. If you cannot tell for yourself, don’t be afraid to ask the next time you are in for a service at an auto repair center.

5. Wiper blades might not seem as something important, but they are - you need to have a clear view of the road and the other drivers around you, as well as the pedestrians crossing the road. If the wiper blades are shot to hell, it is definitely time for new ones.

I wish you a pleasant fall driving your Audi!


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