Summer Maintenance of Your Jaguar

 Summer Maintenance of Your Jaguar

Let us not waste time and dive right into what you should be doing to keep your Jaguar vehicle in tip-top shape during the warm and hot months of the summer.

Inspect the tires of the Jag to make sure that the tread is sufficient, and also that the wear and tear of all four tires is more or less the same. If it is not, take your vehicle to a professional mechanic because they may need to be rotated. Also, keep track and ensure that the inflation of the tires is at the appropriate level.

If you notice that there is a bad smell in the cabin coming from the A/C of your Jaguar that means that there is something wrong, so take the car to an auto repair shop as soon as possible. Another cause for worry would be if the air conditioning is not keeping the cabin as cool as it used to.

The last thing on the list is the engine oil and filter. Change them! Typically, an oil change service is accompanied by a filter change as well. This is important because this kind of service is of the highest importance for your Jaguar and it definitely shouldn’t be forgotten. It is a very simple and easy way to take proper care of the Jag all year round in fact.

Choose an auto repair center that handles Jaguars on a regular note and everything should be fine. Enjoy your summer!


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