Summer Maintenance of Vehicles

Summer Maintenance of Vehicles

Summer is here! It’s time for road trips and vacations, but before your vehicle is ready for the road, there are some specific maintenance items that you will need to perform or have performed by an expert mechanic at an auto repair shop.

Check the state of your windshield wipers. If you notice that they are less effective – change them. If you see any wears and/or cracks, also change them. This is a good idea for the summer because the winter’s ice, snow or cold may have compromised their integrity.

Have the battery inspected and tested, in order to find out if you need a new car battery. It’s a good idea to do this (or have it done) in the summer because the weather of winter might have had negative effects on the battery of the vehicle.

You will need to check the tire pressure of the car. You need to make sure that after the winter’s conditions they are inflated to the proper levels and that you maintain them at those levels.

If you have hit any potholes during the winter, then you need to check on the condition of the suspension as well. That way you will ensure yourself and your family a smooth ride.

Have a terrific summer without worries by keeping your vehicle up to the task!


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