Effective Use of the Auto A/C During the Summer

Effective Use of the Auto A/C During the Summer

Let us a take a look at some neat tricks you can do in order to avoid ruining your car’s A/C system while still getting the most out of it.

Use sun visors when you park your vehicle in the sun, or avoid parking in the direct sun light if possible. Instead, choose a nice shade that will prevent your vehicle from becoming a furnace.

Now, when you are in the vehicle itself, don’t rush to turn on the air conditioning right after starting the engine - give it some time. In fact, the best case scenario would be to roll down the windows and let the hot air get out first.

Start off the A/C at a low setting, do not blast it up high just because you want to get cool right away, it is harmful to the system. Think about the repairs you will need to have performed in the future and the bills that can be avoided. When you do raise the speed of the air conditioning, have in mind that there shouldn’t be a huge difference between the temperature outside and the one inside. If there is a huge difference, you may even lose consciousness on getting out.

If you wish to further protect the air conditioning of the vehicle, try and use the ‘Recirculation’ option of the A/C. It will keep the air inside the vehicle cool (or cold) without having to work hard and use excessive energy to achieve that because it will be using only the air that is already inside instead of gathering hotter air from the outside and cooling it.

When the time comes for you to turn off the air conditioning, don’t do it by turning off the engine. Turn it off manually and only then turn the engine off. You can also turn it off before actually reaching the final point of your journey. Also, if you want the evaporator to dry out you can leave the fan running after shutting off the A/C.

And, of course, maintenance! Keeping track of the maintenance schedule for the air conditioning is of the highest importance. Make sure to have it serviced when it is due, as well as every time you’re having issues with it.

Hopefully, the advice above will be helpful to you! Avoid excessive heat and enjoy your summer!


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