When to Tow and When to Drive Away

When to Tow and When to Drive Away
Every day auto collisions happen, varying in degrees of severity. In some situations, auto collisions only result in cosmetic bumps, however, the damage could be a lot more serious. Sometimes, it seems like the vehicle is almost intact, after “participating” in a road accident, but the hidden damage is often forgotten by drivers. In some cases, driving away after an auto collision could result in more damage, as well as potentially threaten other road users.
So the appropriate question here is when should you drive away from an auto collision and when should you call for a tow? We’ve prepared several helpful tips:
  1. Look for Visible Damage on Your Vehicle
Usually, the damage is quite obvious when we speak about severe auto collisions. If you are not sure whether you should call a tow truck or not, take a walk around the car and check its condition. If mechanical parts or body panels are hanging loose, you shouldn’t try to drive the vehicle. Not only could the damaged panels or parts suffer more damage, but there’s a chance that they could come off and hit another road user, potentially resulting in new auto collisions. In this situation, it’s best to call for a tow truck, to take your vehicle away from the collision scene.
Other types of visible damage include detached bumpers, scratches, or dents that won’t require a tow truck for your vehicle. If the damage is not interfering with moving parts, causing an obstruction or likely to come loose then it is usually safe to drive away.
  1. Inspect the Vehicle for Signs of Hidden Damage
In some cases, the damage from an auto collision is not noticed right away. Therefore, you should inspect the vehicle for any sign of hidden damage. If you notice a strange noise, leaking fluids, or smoke, then it’s probably mechanical damage. In this situation, it’s best to have your vehicle towed.
  1. When in Doubt Get it Checked Out!
It’s quite difficult to think clearly when you are involved in an auto collision. It’s quite normal to be a bit shaken up, and because of that, you cannot count on your senses. Do you smell gas? Did the car make this noise before? Doubts may begin to creep in, clouding your judgment. In this case, it’s best to ask someone else for advice or opting to call for a tow.

Even if the damage does turn out to be minor, at least you know that towing will cost a set amount. Driving a car away after an auto collision could increase the damage resulting in a much higher repair bill.


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