The Importance of a Fuel Induction Service

The Importance of a Fuel Induction Service
Have you heard about a certain auto repair service, known as fuel induction service and of its importance?
The purpose of this service is to clean out build-up and deposits left behind in different parts of your engine. Bear in mind that the fuel induction service should include both intake and throttle body cleaning, so have a word with your local technician about that. The inclusion of these cleanings is important because they reduce the carbon deposits on the intake valves and allow better fuel flow within the combustion chamber.
What Are the Most Common Signs That Indicate You Need a Fuel Induction Service
  1. You’re having trouble when starting your car. It stumbles when you start it and takes a bit longer to start than it did before.
  2. When you step down on the gas, there’s slower pick up.
  3. Your fuel efficiency has decreased.
  4. Rough idling with vibrating and shaking.
  5. Poor overall performance
  6. When driving up small hills, the car’s pinging
You need to keep your combustion chamber and injectors cleaner longer
This is especially important for vehicles manufactured before 2004, however, all drivers should know that.
  1. Every 4,000 miles, use Techron by Chevron. Just one 20-ounce bottle of Techron will reduce the number of deposits and buildup. Using Techron does not automatically mean that you won’t need a fuel induction service, performed by a professional, it just
means that there’ll be less cleaning, which will make the entire process a lot easier.
  1. Pay close attention to the gas’ grade, you’re using. Shell, Chevron, and ExxonMobil gas have the best additives that help in keeping buildup and deposits bad. For instance, for Shell, the highest grade is the best one, however, even the regular one has more additives in comparison to other brands.
When a professional perform a cleaning of the fuel induction system, he cleans the entire system, including regulator, hoses, screens, injector nozzles, and injectors.
When a fuel induction service is needed, it must be done by a seasoned professional, because it’s much cheaper to have this maintenance performed, rather than having to replace injectors or other components of the system.
Lastly, a word of advice on fuel induction service; don’t consider places that offer quick lubes. Go to a reputable auto repair center that performs a fuel induction service, so that you can receive a real and proper cleaning of your fuel system.


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