Common Issues with Car Paint and How to Protect It Properly

Common Issues with Car Paint and How to Protect It Properly
Issues with auto paint are frustrating because more often than not, it’s not easy to pinpoint their exact cause after the fact. Knowing some of the most common auto paint issues and how to prevent them can help you in protecting the finish of your car, as well as keeping its appearance great.
Tree branches, flying road debris, or even an open door of an adjacent vehicle in the parking lot can cause ugly scratches your car’s paint. To avoid scratches, always park away from other vehicles, and be more cautious when driving through tight areas.
The finish can start to look faded and dull, as your car ages. Usually, the sun’s UV rays are the culprit, however, pollution and debris are also contributing factors. Diligent waxing and regular washing are crucial in the prevention of fading, but it’s also as important to remember not to park in the sun for a long period.
When moisture finds its way within chipped areas in the paint, oxidation can cause rust. Having your car’s auto body repairs done at an auto shop that does not use body cavity wax or seam sealer can also cause rust problems. To keep the rust away, wash and wax your car regularly, park it out of the weather, and only rely on a professional auto body shop for repairs.
A layer of clear coat protects the auto paint, so you can imagine how much wear or damage, it had to endure to start peeling. In most cases, this is caused by extensive exposure to the sun or a poor paint job. Additionally, the peeling can be caused by damage and dings to the clear coat, which in turn, exposes the underlying paint. To prevent it, have any damage to the finish fixed right away, and protect your vehicle from the elements.
In those areas, where the clear coat has started peeling or delaminating, remember that it can spread rapidly to other unaffected areas. This issue is a result of the use of wrong paint products, during an auto body repair, or from significant exposure to the sun and elements. The best way to prevent delamination is to always park your car in a garage or shaded area.


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