Oil Change in the Spring

Oil Change in the Spring

Why should you get an oil change in the spring? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Let us discuss this matter in the following article.

When you have the oil changed that removes dirt or debris from the current oil and filter. The oil change entails replacing the oil, as well as, the oil and air filters. It is important to have this done periodically so that there aren’t contaminants that cause damage. Dirt would clog the filter and get carried in the engine, and debris can scratch the surface. Also, the contaminants could lead to extra heat being produced.

Let us get to why it is a good idea to have this done in the spring. The simple answer would be because you will have the opportunity to check the condition of the engine when Hawaii’s rainy season (November to March) has passed. The condition of the oil can be very telling of the condition of the vehicle’s engine. If the oil is a bit dirtier than usual then you will need to determine the cause of the issue. You can try to discover the reason at home if you feel confident enough. A professional mechanic would be able to do this for you, of course, but if you decide to do it yourself, be careful not to get other contaminants in the oil. And don’t forget those pesky filters that will also need to be changed, as we mentioned before. It’s also a great time to check to see if a tire rotation is needed or if your windshield wipers need to be changed out.

When the time for the oil change does come and you choose to have it done rather than doing it yourself, make sure you take your car to a trusted and highly-regarded auto repair shop. The service might not be something complicated, but it is still better to know that you are leaving your vehicle in the best care possible.


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