How to Prepare Your Vehicle for the Spring

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for the Spring

As with everything else, your vehicle is in need of a ‘spring cleaning’ as well. There are several items on the list which you absolutely must not forget if you want to get the most out of your vehicle during the spring.

First things first, your vehicle’s tires, if you have been using winter tires so far you will need to change them because they will not be as useful during the spring. If you have been using all-season tires you will need to check their tread and replace them if needed. No matter the type, however, you will need to check if your car needs an alignment, that is a must in any case.

Next, let us pay attention to why you should have your car battery checked. Due to the fact that winter can put a lot of pressure on your battery, it is a good idea to have a professional mechanic take a look under the hood and let you know if your battery will last. You do not want to find yourself with a broken-down vehicle in the middle of nowhere. Keep in mind that the vehicle might need a car battery replacement.

Oil and filter change is also very important, even though it is something that can be done by anyone. In fact, an oil change is one of the easiest and cheapest maintenance services you can perform on your vehicle so that it runs smoothly. In addition, it will protect the engine of the car and you will benefit from a better performance of the engine. While on the subject of fluids that are necessary for the proper function of your vehicle, you might want to top off any other such as transmission fluid, brake fluid, etc.

Inspection of the brakes is a must. Pay special attention to the thickness of the brake pads, as well as the condition of the brake discs. If you do not think you can perform the check yourself, find a trusted auto repair center to take a look for you.

You might want to check the condition of your wiper blades. During the winter there are factors that might wear them out such as snow and ice. If you come to the conclusion that they need to be changed you can perform the change yourself or take your vehicle to an auto repair shop. If you choose to do the switch, make sure you buy the right type because the wiper blade size does matter.

Do not forget to wash and wax your car. Because of the salt that is used during the winter for traction on the roads, your car might be compromised. Wash it off well and pay attention to the undercarriage of the car. If the salt buildup is a lot you might need to add baking soda to the water you are using. If you decide to just visit a car wash, you might want to get the premium treatment this one time.

Follow the easy spring vehicle maintenance tips above and you shouldn’t have issues with your ride during this season.


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