Honda Maintenance Tips for the Spring

Honda Maintenance Tips for the Spring

The maintenance you need to perform on your Honda vehicle for the spring is different from the one you do before the winter. Let us not delay and start listing the items on the list that you will need to do.

Why don’t we start with the undercarriage of your Honda? Due to the salt, sand, and other substances that might have stuck to it, you will need to clean it thoroughly. In some cases, a simple hosing down might be sufficient, but you will need to make sure you got everything clean because those components might cause issues (for instance - erosion).

Change the winter tires, if you are currently using such. If you are not, then use the penny or quarter test to determine if your current tires can go a few more rounds before the tread is too worn down to use.

Check the wheel alignment of the vehicle. You might not have hit any potholes during the winter but you can never be too careful.

As long as we are on the subject of tires, you might want to check their pressure. As we said, you can never be too safe or too cautious. Besides, checking the air pressure of the vehicles is one of the things that should be done on a regular basis.

Have the brakes inspected if you cannot do it yourself. Since the winter conditions might have had a negative effect on your vehicle, you should make sure that the brakes are working properly, after all, they are of the highest importance.

Inspect your wiper blades, they will probably need to be changed, but don’t jump the gun, inspect them first, and then if needed - change them.

If and when you take your vehicle in for a service to an auto repair shop, choose one that specializes in Honda vehicles. Have a great spring!


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