How to Maintain Audi in the Winter

How to Maintain Audi in the Winter

One of the biggest investments you make in life is your vehicle, which in turn means that you should try to maintain it properly during the winter. In the next few paragraphs, we will discuss how you can take care of your Audi during the winter. This article is targeted specifically for Audi vehicles, however, there are some points, which are true about other brands.

Check the car battery
You can't very well go anywhere without having a properly working car battery, the charge in it needs to be sufficient to start the vehicle, even in the winter. Have in mind that in the cold, even a fully charged car battery might not utilize its full capacity. Ideally, take your Audi to a mechanic for a quick check of the charge of the battery. If needed he can then charge it and you will be set for the winter.

Have the oil changed
Your Audi’s engine needs the proper lubrication to function as it should, have the oil changed or topped off – whichever is needed, a mechanic would be able to determine. Also, due to the cold weather in some parts of the country you may notice that the fluids in the vehicle are thickening, that would mean that the engine will be more difficult to start, to try and avoid that you might need to use an oil with a lower viscosity.

Check the wiper blades
If your wiper blades are worn out they won’t be any good during the winter. They could do the trick during the summer and spring, but in the winter they would be kind of useless. Don’t rely on the fact that they can be changed rarely – they will lose their integrity and functionality if they aren’t replaced when their time is due.

Check the tires or replace them with winter ones
If you have decided to equip winter tires on your Audi, that’s great, because they are designed especially for cold, snow, and ice. What you need to do, regardless of the type of tires, is to check the tread. Since you will need to have a better grip on the road, even more so that usual due to the weather conditions, you need to ensure that the tires are up to the challenge tread-wise. If you can’t determine yourself you can have a mechanic take a look when you are having your Audi serviced for the rest of the items on the list.

Have a safe winter and take proper care of your Audi!


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