Items You Need in Your Vehicle’s Trunk during the Winter (Part 2)

Items You Need in Your Vehicle’s Trunk during the Winter (Part 2)

Shall we continue where we left off? Let us get right to it without too much fuss.

- During the winter, you should have some extra windshield washer fluid with you – you never know if you will need to have some extra. Since you might need the extra in order to prevent the windshield from freezing it is best to use a windshield washer fluid that has antifreeze components.

- Carry a tow chain with you in case you get stuck in the snow. A rope could also do the trick.

- Have with you jumper cables because the battery of the vehicle could be affected negatively by the cold, meaning the charge could drop. It is easier to find someone who can help you than to find someone to help you out that happens to have jumper cables with him.

- Even if you always leave the house with a full battery on your phone, you should have a phone charger in your glove compartment just in case – you never know what might happen.

- Have some blankets and/or winter clothes in the vehicle. The winter clothes are in case you need to leave the vehicle for any reason, you shouldn't expose yourself to the cold if you are not prepared. The blankets, similarly, are in case you are stuck and you are waiting for help, and the heat is out.

- Water and non-perishable snacks are in order as well. Again, you don’t know if you might have your vehicle break down in the middle of nowhere – it is best to be well prepared for any scenario. Granola or protein bars are an option for such cases.

- We will end on a very important note – have with you a first aid kit! You might be wondering why we left off this until the end. Simple – because this is an item that you should have with you all year long, not just during the winter months.

I feel obliged to say that you need to have your vehicle winterized at an auto repair facility in order to have taken precautionary measures for the winter, apart from having the important items we named with you. Be well prepared and have a carefree winter ahead of you.


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