How to Determine if Your Tires Need Changing?

How to Determine if Your Tires Need Changing?

Whether it is a timing belt, tires, or another component of a car, it will eventually need replacing. In the following article, we are going to discuss tires in particular, and how you can determine if yours need changing.

You should keep in mind, as a sort of a baseline, five years. After five years of use for a single set of tires, you should really have a mechanic inspect them annually. Here we have to say that proper maintenance and care of the tires can prolong their lifespan. Having said that, let us spend a little time discussing what that proper care is:  correct amount of air pressure is a must, along with having the tires rotated regularly, at the same level of importance is having your vehicle undergo regular maintenance.

In some cases, it can be obvious that you need a new set of tires, like when you get a flat or a blowout. If your tire set is getting worn down it won’t be able to grip the road well while driving, especially in rainy or snowy weather. Sometimes the tread can be deceitful though, which is why you shouldn’t base the change solely on the tread, but also on the age of the tires. If a set of tires are old their rubber would dry and it can crack, which is what leads to a blowout or a flat tire.

We mentioned tire tread but we did not specify how you can check the depth yourself, let’s do this right now. The penny and quarter test! By performing this test you will be able to determine if your tires are too worn out or if they can still be used. Take a quarter and insert it into the tread in the center of the tire, Washington’s head has to be pointing towards the tire. If the top of the head is even with the tread you can still drive safely with the tire set, but you will need to go tire shopping soon. The penny test is more or less the same. Place a penny head down into the center of the tire’s tread, if the tread is even with the top of Lincoln’s head you should get new ones as soon as possible as they have become far less safe for the road.

The last thing I want to draw attention to is that the more you drive the quicker the tread wears out, and this is a huge factor when it comes to the lifespan of the tires, in addition to the road conditions and the weather. So when the time comes do not prolong or delay, get new tires from a trusted auto repair center and have them replace your current tires.


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