Volvo Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Volvo Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Volvo are great and they are built to last, but there is always something you, as a Volvo owner, can do in order to make sure that your vehicle lasts as long as possible. In the following article, you will read three of the main things you can do to keep your car on the road, working properly. Leaving your Volvo to be serviced of course is a must, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t keep track of things in between service appointments.

Let us start with the coolant, or as it is also known the antifreeze, since we are entering the hotter months of the year. You should check the vehicle’s coolant regularly, it is of great importance to do so, because when the engine and radiator of your car get too hot it can overheat. In addition, you should have your Volvo’s coolant flushed every year. Why? Because with time the coolant in the system becomes erosive and could actually damage the vehicle.

Now, moving on to tires – if you make it a point to have them rotated every 5,000 miles, for instance, the wear can be maintained even, and it can help you maintain mileage. When it comes to the air pressure of the tires check it even more often, and of course do not forget proper wheel alignment. Also, note that the tires of your Volvo shouldn’t be overinflated or underinflated, you can consult your owner’s manual or a mechanic regarding how much the tires should be inflated. Judging by the wear you can tell if the pressure is not as it should be, if the wear is mostly in the middle that could mean the tires are overinflated if, on the other hand, the wear is mostly on the sides it could be a sign of underinflated tires.

Having regular oil changes is one of the easiest things you can do for your car, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. As important as changing the oil and the filters are, do not put too much or too little oil in your vehicle, always follow the indication on the dipstick. Changing both the oil and the filters will ensure not only that your vehicle’s engine is properly lubricated, but also that there are no debris or rubbish reaching it and harming it.

Hopefully, the article will help you when it comes to maintaining your Volvo properly. Follow the simple steps above, make sure to bring in your Volvo for service when it is due, and you will ensure it serves you well for years to come.


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