Automatic Transmission Vehicle Maintenance and Tips

Automatic Transmission Vehicle Maintenance and Tips

Automatic Transmission Vehicles – we all love them, we all think they are great. But how can we maintain them better? Here are a few tips to keep them in shape for longer.

Starting off – don’t keep your fuel tank empty or almost empty. Best case scenario keep it full, or at least half full at all times. Since an automatic transmission car depends on fluid pressure in order to run smoothly this is quite important. If you do not, your vehicle will not be able to lubricate properly (or perhaps stay cool), therefore, the engine of the vehicle and other related elements may be subjected to faster wear than they would be otherwise.

Next, moving on to transmission fluid, make sure that you use the right one. You can consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual to see which type it is that you need.  Also, make sure to check the transmission fluid periodically. If you have recently taken care of it and it is still low you may have a leak. The color of the fluid should be bright red, clear and smell sort of sweet, if you notice that is it murky and/or smells badly (like rotting fish) you should have the transmission checked by a technician, because those are definitely warning sign you should not be ignoring.

Don’t rev your engine, I know it might sound cool, but the damage done to the vehicle is just not worth it. There is damage being done to the parts of the engine when you rev it, because it gives the transmission a massive shock that leads to more friction between the internal components.

When you find yourself at a slope and you need to go down, do not slide the vehicle down in Neutral. Doing that will not let you accelerate the vehicle, it only slows it down, it cuts the oil supply and in turn leads to the transmission not being able to get properly lubricated. This may result in considerable wear and damage. Let go of this habit, unless you want to pay a hefty sum of money for repairs.

Let us wrap up things by saying what could be a major mistake when it comes to parking an automatic transmission vehicle. When you park you might have the bad habit of switching to Park mode before the car has actually stopped completely. When you put the car into Park mode a small pin (a locking pin) is attached to the shaft of the gearbox, when it is there and the vehicle keeps moving there is the very big possibility of breaking it. Make sure to use the brakes when you park, otherwise it will cost you a pretty penny to have the locking pin repaired.

I hope the tips are as helpful to you as they were to me when I first learned them. In addition, do not forget to have the vehicle’s transmission checked at least once a year, as a preventative measure - it would be much better for you to pay a small fee to have a maintenance service done to your transmission, than to have to pay an unnecessary sum to have it repaired if something were to happen because you didn’t have preventative measures taken.


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