Why is Coolant Important

Why is Coolant Important

Due to its double function, the coolant is an important part of a vehicle’s maintenance. Coolant, or antifreeze as it is also known, both keeps your car from overheating, and protects it from freezing during extremely cold weather.

Let us specify what exactly happens when your car does not have antifreeze. While the engine of your vehicle is running, it generates heat, if you are lacking coolant it can overheat and cause serious damage to the engine which will lead to expensive repairs. In the winter months, if you go with water instead of coolant for your vehicle, the water might freeze, which will lead to it expanding. The pressure from the expanded water can crack your engine block, cylinder heads, as well as other components of the engine.

As time passes by, the coolant in your vehicle can succumb to electrolysis and start having an acidic nature. To prevent this from happening you need to flush the system periodically and change the coolant, otherwise it can begin to erode the vehicle’s engine (and or related engine components). If you are unsure when you should have the coolant changed entirely, you can refer to manufacturers guidelines, also, a sort of a target can be set at about 50 000 miles.

Do not forget to check the level of the coolant and to top it off when needed, as well as flush it and change it entirely when the time comes, and you will save yourself some costly repairs and bills in the future.


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