How to Maintain Your Brakes

How to Maintain Your Brakes

Everyone should know how important brakes are, they are what keeps you and those closest to you safe, so let us take a closer look into how you can maintain them better. Due to their importance you should make sure that at all times they are working properly. Here are a few simple ways to do exactly that.

Everyone will tell you that taking care of the brake system may include inspecting the brake rotors, replacing brake pads (when needed) and keeping the master cylinder filled with the right level of brake fluid. 

When replacing (adding) fluid make sure that you clean the area with a rag. It is important to wipe it down because if something gets into the brake system it can clog or destroy its components, and if you clean it beforehand you can avoid the problems which might occur otherwise. One more tip when adding the brake fluid – do not shake the bottle, if there are bubbles it might be problematic for the system.

Now let us get to the calipers - the sign of wear may include: reduced brake force, pulling to one side when using the brakes, sometimes even brake lock-up. If you feel that the stopping distances are getting longer that may also be a sign of a problem. If you notice any of those take your vehicle to a specialist as soon as possible, it isn’t a good idea to prolong or avoid going altogether.

You can inspect your brake rotors yourself, simply look for cuts or scores on them, if you notice some have them resurfaced or directly replaced. If you notice spots (purple or blue in color) have a mechanic look at them because they probably need to be changed. 

Hopefully, now you will know what to look for when taking care of your brake system. Still, make sure to have your car serviced regularly to avoid having to deal with such and other issues in the future.


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