5 Indicator Lights on Your Dashboard You Mustn't Ignore

5 Indicator Lights on Your Dashboard You Mustn't Ignore

When it comes to vehicle maintenance it is highly important to keep track of your dashboard lights, they are the first indication that something might be wrong or in need of maintenance. The following list contains 5 dashboard lights that you mustn’t ignore and you have to have your vehicle inspected by a professional mechanic.

1. Engine Temperature Warning Ligh

If the engine temperature light is on it could mean that the coolant temperature is running too hot or that the engine is overheating. Another possibility is that the light for the engine temperature is broken or sending inaccurate data. In any of those cases you should stop the vehicle as soon as possible to prevent serious damage being done to the vehicle. 

2. Check Engine Light

The check engine light sensor will illuminate if a problem is detected with your vehicle, it could be a mechanical issue or an electrical one. Since the light may indicate either a minor issue or a major one you should have the car inspected as soon as possible.

3. Brake Warning Light

 The brake warning light may just be a false warning, since it can be triggered by forgetting the parking brakes on. The first thing you should do is make sure that this isn’t the case, if however it is not then this could mean that you are running low on brake fluid or that there is a mechanical issue with the brakes. Have the brakes checked as soon as possible unless you wish to become a road menace.

4. Battery Charging Warning Light

Although this light is not as alarming as the rest it still shows you signs that should make you worried. The light in question might appear if your vehicle is running low on volts or cranking amps, but it could also indicate an issue with the charging system. If this happens you need to go straight home (where you can have a mechanic come) or to a mechanics shop because it is highly likely that, if shut off, your car will be unable to start again.

5. Oil Pressure Warning Light

Since it is crucial for your vehicle to maintain a proper oil pressure, in order for all the car’s complex parts to run as they should, this is a light you can’t just ignore. You might even ask yourself what this light is for and be completely oblivious to it, well let me tell you what it might indicate: Oil pressure problems might be caused by a damaged oil filter or a contaminated oil, once the system finds such an issue the light goes on. Either way have you vehicle checked immediately.

Hopefully this list will help you make priorities when it comes to maintaining your vehicle and you will not be left stranded on the side of the road or worse.


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