How to top up your windshield washer fluid

How to top up your windshield washer fluid

A clean windshield is vital to driving safely, this is just common sense. One of the most aggravating situations a driver can face is reaching for the lever to clean your windshield only for nothing to happen, except for the soul-jarring sound of windshield wipers being dragged across a dry windshield. When this happens, it is a very good indicator that your windshield washer fluid needs refilling.

Don’t panic though, this is an extremely simple part of vehicle maintenance and will only take a couple of minutes. You don’t even need any tools! Follow the steps below to refill your windshield washer fluid:

  1. Purchase a bottle or jug of windshield washer fluid from your local auto repair shop, gas station, or from the automobile section of a large store;
  2. Parking. Before popping the hood, it is important that you park on a level surface. If you are parked on an incline or otherwise uneven ground, you will not be able to get an accurate reading of the windshield washer fluid level;
  3. Pop the hood. Now that you are parked on level ground, locate the small lever or button to open the hood of your vehicle, it is usually found around the driver's seat. After this, find the catch to open the hood, run your hand along the gap between the hood and body of the car until you find a small catch. Press the catch inward to completely open the hood;
  4. Find the windshield washer fluid reservoir. The reservoir is usually found near the edges of the engine bay and the cap will have an image of a windshield marked on it. If you can’t find it double check with the owners manual for your vehicle;
  5. Remove the cap and place it somewhere safe;
  6. Use a funnel or pour the fluid by hand into the reservoir until it reaches the ‘full’ line marked on the neck of the reservoir, if you can’t see the line just leave approximately 2 inches of space at the top of the reservoir;
  7. Replace the cap and that’s it!

You can now enjoy the view from your clean windshield!

So there we have it, your guide to refilling the windshield washer fluid. Did we miss anything? Do you have any tips or advice for our readers? Let us know, we are always happy to hear from you!

For more information, or if you have any questions about refilling your windshield washer fluid or would like to schedule a vehicle fluid flush give us a call on (805) 781-3925, visit us at Villa Automotive 34 South St., CA, 93401, or book an appointment with us online. The friendly and knowledgeable staff here at Villa Automotive will be more than happy to help!


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