How to change a tire

How to change a tire

A flat tire can be a nightmare for some drivers and if you don’t know how to change it you may feel a little helpless by the side of the road. Fear not! We are here with another installment of our how-to series, this time we will tackle changing a tire.

Changing a tire is not as difficult as you might think, but be forewarned, there is some manual labor involved. Following the steps below will give you the knowledge and confidence to change a tire without relying on good Samaritans or roadside assistance:

  1. To start with, you should make sure that the area where you will change the tire is as level as possible. Do not attempt to change a tire if you are stopped on an incline, otherwise, your car may decide to roll away which can endanger yourself and other road users or pedestrians;
  2. If your wheels have hubcaps you will have to remove them to gain access to the lug nuts. A hubcap is relatively simple to remove, all you will need is a flat-head screwdriver or another flat edged tool. Place the edge of your chosen tool in the gap where the hubcap meets the wheel and apply a little pressure. With some leverage the hubcap should simply pop off;
  3. Next up are the lug nuts, use the wrench which is likely to be found in your trunk (they are usually kept near the spare wheel, loosen the lug nuts by applying your body weight to the wrench and turn in a counter-clockwise motion. You don’t want to completely remove the lug nuts at this point, just loosen them to the point where you can remove them by hand;
  4. Remove the spare wheel and vehicle jack from the trunk and bring them closer the wheel which needs to be changed;
  5. Now you need to use the jack to lift the vehicle off of the ground. Place the jack under the edge of your vehicle and make sure it is secure if you are not sure of the exact placement double check your owners manual as the vehicle may have specific jack points. Using even strokes lift your vehicle with the jack until it has been lifted about 6 inches from the ground;
  6. Remove the lug nuts by hand and place them to one side so you don’t lose them;
  7. You are now ready to remove the wheel entirely, keep in mind that it will be relatively heavy so be prepared. Pull the wheel towards you until it is completely free from the bolts, roll the removed wheel towards the trunk;
  8. Next, you will have to lift the spare wheel to put it in place on the bolts. Once again the wheel will be relatively heavy, so if you are struggling, ask for help with this step;
  9. Replace the lug nuts and tighten them by hand, the lug nuts don’t need to be tightened properly at this point. Just make sure that they and the wheel are secured;
  10. Release the jack to lower your vehicle back to the ground and take it out from under the vehicle;
  11. Tighten the lug nuts with the wrench, you should make them as tight as possible;
  12. Place the flat tire in the trunk with the jack, wrench, and hub cap and that’s it!

If your spare wheel is the emergency wheel, you will need to visit an auto repair shop to purchase a new tire as the smaller emergency wheels are not suitable for long term use.

So there we have it, our guide to changing a tire. Did we miss anything? Do you have any tips or advice for our readers about changing a tire? Let us know, we are always happy to hear from you!

For more information, or if you have any questions about changing a tire or would like to schedule a tire rotation, or would like to purchase new tires give us a call on (925) 932-8744, visit us at M Service Inc. 2008 Mount Diablo Blvd., Walnut Creek, CA, 94596, or book an appointment with us online. The friendly and knowledgeable staff here at M Service Inc. will be more than happy to help!


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