The New Volvo XC60 - Dashing Swedish SUV

The New Volvo XC60 - Dashing Swedish SUV

The new Volvo XC60 is without a doubt the top choice of the big-selling mid-size crossover crowd. This amazing Volvo model is both luxurious and handsome and it wraps you in a safety blanket as typical and common as the Swedish welfare state.

This particular model is neither wearing the pretense of track-lapping athleticism nor is distracted by off-road ambitions. Therefore, it isn't hindered by the cumbersome and heavy hardware of the former or the absence of flexibility of the latter.

However, due to its middle-of-the-road approach, it already has a couple of stern rivals. The Audi Q5 and Mercedes-Benz GLC are both right there, and both unappeasably competent. In terms of the interior, the Volvo feels very different. Its decor is as Skandi as a Stockholm boutique hotel bar.

The generation-2 XC60 gets underway with plenty of momentum behind it. The older model was not just Volvo's best-selling car, but it was also the best-selling car of that particular type in Europe. It's true that its suspension manners might've been a bit rough-and-ready, but even that "problem" was not enough to hold the old model back.

The new model provides Volvo with an opportunity to exploit the old buyers' loyalty while taking care of the issues, which results in having an improved suspension. Additionally, it brings more tech, as well as more safety features.

The interior operating system, seats, suspension, powertrains, and platform are the same as other recent Volvo models. To put it in other words, the new XC60 is, in fact, the XC90 reduced, but not diminished. The loss of the third row of seats of the XC90's allows XC60 to have a handier-sized outline and a bit more agility.

The range is all 4WD and automatic transmission, at least at the launch. Diesel models are the four-cylinder 2.0, in D4 tune giving 190bhp, and in twin-turbo T5 tune, it’s 235bhp. The pure petrol option is a four-cylinder turbo T5 of 254bhp.

The final powertrain is the ‘Twin Engine’ plug-in hybrid T8 pack. That’s a 320bhp turbo-plus-supercharged front drive with 87bhp of electric rear drive. It can whisper along on that electric drive for 15-20 miles, give the fact that it is a plug-in hybrid, provided that you treat the accelerator like an eggshell.

Last but not least, in terms of safety, the XC60 runs even more helping-hand systems than any other Volvo, meaning, to a reasonable approximation, any other car on the planet.


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