How to Equip Your Porsche for the Winter

How to Equip Your Porsche for the Winter

We can safely say that the Fall season is officially over, and with the thought of the upcoming Winter and snow, we see anything but fin in sight until Spring. However, this should not necessarily be the case if you drive a Porsche vehicle. You can make your Porsche your key to winter joy and fun during the entire season with top-notch Porsche service and auto repair, offered by our local auto repair shop or dealership.

You have to be able to drive in the Winter safely, in order to fully enjoy it. Winter tires are the essential component to safe and confident driving during the Winter season. Your Porsche is equipped with numerous safety features that are specifically designed to take you there, however, the tires are the sole component of the vehicle that actually interacts with the road and therefore is the backbone of your safe driving during the winter months. Winter tires are specifically manufactured to remain pliable (sticky) and soft in extremely harsh weather conditions, whereas summer or all-season tires will become hard in cold, which can be described as pushing a heavy stone across the asphalt. The winter tire's tread is specially designed to tackle wet snow and slush and also improve traction over ice, which complements the overall superior harsh weather traction of winter tires.

Now that we've already discussed the traction, what shall we do next? In order to make your winter journey more pleasant yet less messy, your Porsche can be fitted with various accessories. Ski/snowboard racks and roof racks will keep the skis along with the mess outside of your car, and when not in use, they can be easily detached. For hauling the snowsuits, sled, and ski boots, we've rubberized cargo liners which function is to keep the inside mess at bay and help in making an easy cleanup after the winter adventure. In the passenger areas, the mess is kept under control by the rubber floor mats. Both the passenger and cargo liners are fitted precisely to the dimensions of your Porsche, unlike many aftermarket liners, in order to help to keep your carpets looking brand-new.

A lot of Porsche models can be fitted with these helpful accessories that will take you from sun fun to snow fun in no time. Visit your local auto repair center or dealership and ask the mechanic about these accessories and see if they have the expertise to mount them on your Porsche. Please ask a parts associate for more details on this matter, and remember to enjoy the winter season!


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