How to Avoid Costly Transmission Repairs

How to Avoid Costly Transmission Repairs 

Unless you own a lemon, the majority of vehicles can run way past 100,000 miles if they are properly maintained. With that being said, the oil had to be changed at recommended intervals and ensuring your transmission is in top condition. Apart from replacing the engine, transmission repair in Moberly is the costliest repair for a vehicle and sometimes it may cost as much as the entire vehicle if you drive an older model. That's why we've prepared several tips that will help you keep your transmission in good condition.

Manual Transmission Maintenance

If you drive a vehicle with a manual transmission, you have far fewer worries when it comes to maintaining your transmission. In comparison to the automatic transmission, the manual transmission is a much simpler set of mechanical components and gears. On the other hand, an automatic transmission is far more complex may have hundreds of moving elements, such as hydraulic and electronic systems.

The breakdown of manual transmissions can be due to driving style or user error like not engaging the clutch correctly or mashing gears when shifting. If you are in need of a refresher, we can help you with some piece of advice when driving a stick shift.

Have a look at the recommended transmission service schedule of your vehicle for some details on changing the fluids. The manual transmission's fluid can often be changed for less than $100 and usually needs less changing than an automatic. Manual transmission's repairs are less expensive compared to the repairs of an automatic transmission.

Automatic Transmission Maintenance

The well-being of an automatic transmission depends less on the driving style of the user, however, remember that whenever possible, you should avoid taxing your transmission. Heat is bad for an automatic transmission, so if you notice that your transmission is having troubles in a higher gear on a long incline, downshift it manually. Although it will increase your RPMs, the stress on your transmission will be relieved. If you notice that your transmission is not holding a gear or is continuing to search for gears, this is a definite sign that you are in need of a transmission repair service.

Make sure you know how to check the fluid level of your transmission. It should have a cherry red color and possess a sweet smell to it. If you notice anything different, get your transmission serviced as soon as possible.

There's a huge discussion about what is better for an automatic transmission – flushing or draining. Transmission problems after having a flush are usually blamed on loose particles and sediment being spread around in the transmission during the flushing process. But remember that not all of the fluid is removed when draining a transmission. In order to achieve that, you might need to remove the transmission oil pan.

The warranties for drivetrain and powertrain often cover transmission problems and can last either 10 years or 100,000 miles, so before you pay any costly repairs, first check whether your vehicle is still covered.


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